How to: Cut a Pineapple


All right, so this post is a little different than what I normally post, but considering how much I love pineapple, I thought it worthwhile. Cutting a pineapple can seem more difficult than it really is. For many people, the effort doesn’t seem worth it, so they buy canned pineapple instead. I am here to tell you though, the effort is deeefinitely worth it.  Fresh pineapple tastes dramatically different than canned pineapple, and if you know how to accurately cut it, this delicious reward will come with very little effort. (huzzah!)


Step 1: Cut the top and bottom off of the pineapple, leveling both ends.


Step 2: Shave the skin off of the pineapple. If you cut very close to the skin, you will need to go back with a paring knife and remove some of the deeper grooves. If you cut a little deeper into the flesh of the pineapple while removing the skin, you will probably avoid this step. The picture shown was after a shallow shaving of the skin, and then the removal of some of those deeper grooves.


Step 3: Slicing from top to bottom (long ways), cut the pineapple into 4 triangles.

Step 4: The center most point of the triangle is a thick core that is too hard to chew. Slicing from top to bottom, remove this hard core from each triangle.


Step 5: Cut the remaining 4 pillars into chunks or bite sized pieces as desired. Enjoy!

Love pineapple? Check out these recipes that utilize this delicious fruit!


Have some leftover fresh pineapple? You can store it in an airtight refrigerated container for several days.  Pineapple makes an excellent snack!

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