One Week of Summer Treats to Beat the Heat: Flavored Ice Cubes

Hello hello again! It’s day five of ‘One week of summer treats to beat the heat,’ and I’ve got another quick and easy treat for you- flavored ice cubes! I suggest dropping a few of these fresh ice cubes in your tea, lemonade, or water. They add a delightfully refreshing touch to your drink- which is just what you need on these hot summer days.  Give it a try! I made a tray yesterday and have been sipping on them all day long.


  • Water
  • Fruit/vegetable slices of your choice (ex: Lemon, lime, cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.)
  • Mint leaves


  1. Clean and slice the fruit into small slices.
  2. Put two to three slices of fruit or mint leaves in each ice slot.
  3. Fill with water and freeze!

Notes and Tips:

  • You can also try making coffee ice cubes or flavored milk cubes and using it in your iced coffee later!
  • If you want a bolder flavor try making lemonade ice cubes with slices of lemon to add to your tea!