Build Your Own Vegetarian Thanksgiving


Society is generally supportive of vegetarianism, that is, until Thanksgiving. When discussing my family’s vegetarian Thanksgiving with others, there is always a host of mixed reactions and questions.

In yesterdays post, on Why to Have a Vegetarian ThanksgivingI explained that I love the questions people ask, becuase I love sharing the ratioinale behind this lifestyle choice, hoping that it will inspire people in some small way to think more intentionally about what in their own life they could change to better protect the environment.

Of all the questions I get, varying from specific recipe details to protein concerns, the two main questions I get boil down to:

 1) Why?, and 2) How?

Yesterday, I answered why have a Vegetarian Thanksgiving. You can check out some of those statistics and reasons here!

Today I want to focus on how to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving. 

Drum roll please!

Like any large meal, the formula for a vegetarian Thanksgiving is the same as a traditional Thanksgiving meal. You want an entrée dish, several dishes- varying from vegetable to bread options, and of course, dessert! Thus, I propose the following formula:

1-2 Entrée Dishes + 3-6 Side Dishes + 1-2 Breads + 1 Dessert = Vegetarian Thanksgiving!

From the food options below, you can select your own entrée dishes, side dishes, bread recipes, and dessert recipe, to build your own vegetarian Thanksgiving menu, which you can supplement with some of your family’s favorite dishes! Base the number of dishes and recipes off of the crowd you are anticipating, and if you have a family favorite recipe that you do not see on this list, leave a comment below! I would love to add your favorite dishes to my “To-Cook” list for my own future Thanksgiving celebrations!

Happy Celebrating, cooking, and eating. Come back soon!

Love, A Rented Kitchen

Entree Options:

Side Dishe Options:

Bread Options:

Dessert Options:

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