Cookie Bonus!

Finals bring out the best in people. And by that, I mean not at all. Finals brings out the worst eating habits, a complete lack of discipline with one’s money (in my case, far too many coffees), and snippy attitudes. Woops.

Quite possibly the only positive side to finals, is productive procrastination. You know you’ve been there- when you have something pressing looming over your head, and all the sudden, the lawn you’ve been avoiding for two weeks gets mowed.

Welcome to the classic college mentality.

In my case, productive procrastination often takes the form of cooking or posting on the blog. Tonight however, instead of a normal blog post, I have something very exciting to share with you! (Drum roll please….)

I am about to offer you a chance to win a dozen free, fresh-baked cookies!!! (And who doesn’t love cookies?!)

Ever heard of Red Eye Cookie Co.? They’re a new small business that has opened up in Richmond, bringing late night fresh baked cookies and milk to your door past midnight! That right there peopel, is proof it’s a beautiful world. If you have not heard of Red Eye, no offense, but you’re behind the times, and should fix that immediately.

In order to win these delectable free cookies you must do one simple easy thing: Like ‘a rented kitchen’s facebook page. BOOM. done.

If you have already liked my facebook page, and you still want to be eligible to win a free dozen cookies, go to the facebook page and share the status about Red Eye Cookies. Both methods, liking the page and sharing the status, will be counted, and tomorrow evening one lucky person will be drawn to win one dozen free cookies!

It’s a really good day when free cookies are involved, so don’t miss this opportunity to both win a free snack, as well as to stay updated with what’s happening at A Rented Kitchen! It’s the best of both worlds.

And if all this cookie talk has inspired you to get into the kitchen, I’ve posted a few of my favorite cookie recipes below. I would love to hear what kind of cookie you all would like to see next!

Recipe Links:

In the mean time, go like the Facebook page! And may the odds be ever in your favor.


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