Hello world!

Welcome to my food blog!

My name is Sarah, although most of you who are reading this first post in my blog’s early days probably already know that. Thank you for your support! For the first time ever I am living in a space that allows for me to have both access to my own kitchen, and the opportunity to plan all of my meals. Although it is tempting to fall into the typical college slump of cereal for breakfast, hot pockets for lunch, and ramen for dinner- which I am sometimes guilty of- my very own kitchen has inspired me to do otherwise.

This blog is not meant to imply that I am an expert at cooking. That is far from the truth. My purpose for creating a blog is that I want to document recipes I’ve tried and constantly try new ones. I want to be able to share recipes with family and friends, using this as an outlet to do so.  I also like the idea of providing those who are curious with a glimpse at a vegetarian diet.

So, in my small rented kitchen with borrowed utensils, thrift store dishes, and an old finicky stove, I have begun a new journey that I would like to share with you.

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